Monday, December 12, 2016

What is Fake News?

How can you tell what is real news anymore?  Which stories should you trust?  What is misinformation?

In this age of social media "sharing", it's hard to tell the difference between genuine news, satire, or advertising.  Some organizations try to slant the facts in favor of their agenda, or by giving only part of the story; to misinform.

By questioning everything, you can be information savvy:

  • Read carefully:  Does the headline match the content?  
  • Evaluate the content: Does it include quotes, statistics, facts, references?  
  • Consider the source: Is it from a reputable news agency?  Does it have an author?  Is it dated?
  • Can you find the same news being reported from other reputable news outlets?
  • Does the article have an agenda?  Is it objective?
  • Are the words "sponsored" or "paid partners" near the article?
  • Is it too ridiculous or funny to be true?  It could be satire or a hoax.

  Don't believe everything you read.  Evaluate it first!

For more information, stop by the library and test your skills on our "Real or Fake News" display.

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